Error fusing 3 simple torii: BRep_Tool:: TopoDS_Vertex hasn't gp_Pnt

I created a torus, and then created 2 rotated versions of it. When I try to fuse them together, I get this error:

BRep_Tool:: TopoDS_Vertex hasn’t gp_Pnt

I am new to Salome, so I am not sure what is wrong. Hopefully it is something easy to fix…

In case it is useful, here is the python study dump of everything prior to calling Fuse in the UI:

#!/usr/bin/env python

### This file is generated automatically by SALOME v9.8.0 with dump python functionality

import sys 
import salome

import salome_notebook
notebook = salome_notebook.NoteBook()
sys.path.insert(0, r'/home/vector/SALOME-9.8.0')

### GEOM component

import GEOM
from salome.geom import geomBuilder
import math

geompy = geomBuilder.New()

O = geompy.MakeVertex(0, 0, 0)
OX = geompy.MakeVectorDXDYDZ(1, 0, 0)
OY = geompy.MakeVectorDXDYDZ(0, 1, 0)
OZ = geompy.MakeVectorDXDYDZ(0, 0, 1)
Torus_1 = geompy.MakeTorusRR(200, 5)
geompy.Rotate(Torus_1, OY, 90*math.pi/180.0)
Rotation_1 = geompy.MakeRotation(Torus_1, OZ, 59.99999999999999*math.pi/180.0)
Rotation_2 = geompy.MakeRotation(Rotation_1, OZ, 59.99999999999999*math.pi/180.0)
geompy.addToStudy( O, 'O' )
geompy.addToStudy( OX, 'OX' )
geompy.addToStudy( OY, 'OY' )
geompy.addToStudy( OZ, 'OZ' )
geompy.addToStudy( Torus_1, 'Torus_1' )
geompy.addToStudy( Rotation_1, 'Rotation_1' )
geompy.addToStudy( Rotation_2, 'Rotation_2' )


running your script and creating a Fuse with the torus and the two rotated objects does not trigger any error on Windows. But I could reproduce the issue on Linux.
Note that you can still do it in two steps: Fuse_1=Torus_1+Rotation_1 & Fuse_2=Fuse_1+Rotation_2.

The issue will be reported to our developers.


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