Error: Cannot resolve ContainerManager in Naming Service

Hello. I am new to Salome, using version 9.9 on ubuntu linux 20.04. I was able to install Salome yesterday and worked with a mesh earlier today. But now I am getting a strange error message and am not sure what it means.

When I open Salome now and try to open the “Geometry” module, I get this error popup about `Salome Exception: Error: Cannot resolve ContainerManager in Naming Service". Here is a picture of the error. Can anyone suggest what could be causing the problem?

The question is whether the issue occurs if you activate Geometry module only. You need to check that all system dependencies are installed. To do so, run:

      ./sat config SALOME-9.9.0-native --check_system

If it reports about missing system prerequisites, install them.
You can also share the list of packages installed on your Ubuntu 20, such that we can cross-check what could be missing: run:

apt list --installed > apt.UB20.txt
and upload it.