Divide solid using composed surface GEOM

I would like to cut a solid using several surfaces combined, which ‘should’ generate a compound of solids.
nevertheless I can not achieve this using any of salome tools:
for example, I have an empty cube (with thickness), that I want to cut with the surfaces that goes from the internal vertexes and edges to the external ones: (in the left the empty cube (with thickness) and in the right the same cube overlapped with the surface that I want to cut it with to obtain 6 different solids.

is this even possible to do in salome?
the only way I see to do it right now is recontructing a solid from faces of the ‘empty cube’ and the cutting surfaces, but non with boolean op as they all fail.
any insights in the matter would be appreciated.
hdf file:
exemple.hdf (272,0 KB)
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Did you try Partition?
Use the Box and thicken_body as objects and the faces as tools objects.
The explode the partition to solids (you will get one for the small cube) the create a compound with the 6 solids.

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Lol, I haven’t notice this tool… I got around by identification of edges and reconstructions but this is at least cleaner not sure if faster. thanks a lot!