Displaying MED objects (meshes, fields) in ParaVis from memory (no intermediary save-to-files)


the numerical code I have can create MED objects. Usually if I run the code via script or binary the output will be MED files, which are then visualized in ParaVis.

But now that I am working on GUI module inside SALOME I would like to know if there is a way to visualize a mesh with it’s fields in ParaVis from memory (no intermediate writing to files) from the said GUI module. Think of it in PyHello you have a dialog which creates a simple two triangle mesh (MEDCouplingUMesh) and a field (MEDCouplingFieldDouble) on it of random values and you would try now to directly visualize the data in ParaVis or ParaView.

Is it possible? The ParaMEDCorbaPlugin mentions fields but all I could visualize directly from memory is the mesh.

Best regards,
Gregor Simic