Difficulties to select entities in GUI

Hello everyone,

I’m using shaper/geometry and meshing modules in salome 9.11.0 in order to build model for CFD. I split my volumes into several solid, faces and edge to have maximum control on the mesh and tend to do structural meshes.

My problem is the selection in 3D of faces and solids with my mousse is very hard and I have to rotate many times my model to get the right face in the mesh module. Sometime the cursor of my mousse is several unities of space far from the entity selected.

Do I miss something ? Does anyone have the same conclusion ? I don’t have the right way of doing the job ?


Problems with the mouse may be hardware-related. After many years of working with the computer mouse, my desk has become so smooth that the optical mouse does not work well. Try using a mouse pad.
Kind regards

Thank you for your answer but no hardware problem possible.