Definition of MED file version from script


Is there a way to define the version of the MED file (3.2, 4.0, 4.1, etc) during writing the mesh and field by a MEDLoader/MEDCoupling script?
I guess this is possible, since it can be defined in the salome gui during export, but I could not find the way…

Thx in advance!

Hi Dezsit,
we raised the question to MEDCoupling core developer, and it seems that such feature is not straightforward, when dumping the mesh to MED file format.
Nevertheless, as pointed to me by Christophe, MEDCOUPLING provides a set of scripts aimed to convert current MED files version to an older one. These scripts are:



Hi NabilG,

Thanks for the script references!
In the meantime I also found the write33() and write30() functions.
But since I have to add data to an existing med (already written in lower version number)
I can use simply WriteFieldUsingAlreadyWrittenMesh() from MEDLoader, and that does the job, and keeps the version of the original med.

But again, thx for your response!