Data exchange formats: VMAP?

Is anyone aware of any efforts to bring VMAP ( export functionality to Salome? This is a HDF5-based format that would be preferable for data exchange (i.e. geometric information, meshing details, other meta data) in my currently FEA process workflow. I want to avoid duplicating previous efforts but have been unable to find any evidence of a project like this.

If any Salome maintainer or representative could give me a contact to reach out in more detail, that would be great too.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Logan,

I’m coordinating the VMAP standardisation activities.

As far as I know, there is no ongoing evaluation or development works to connect VMAP IO and SALOME plattform.

But of course we would be happy to get in touch with the corresponding developers and support the VMAP interfacing for it. The SALOME “FIELDS module and the MEDCoupling library” seems to be the right place to implement a link to the VMAP IO Library.

You may find more details abou the Open VMAP interface specification and the iopen source VMAP IO lib at

Best regards
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