Creation of groups after extrusion

I have done a geometry with shaper for a 2D mesh export. The thickness of the geometry is 0.005 mm (1 cell thick).

I mesh with 3D extrusion + sub-Mesh 1D hypothesis = 1 cell thickness + 2D source and destination with BL on the wall. Everything is good, groups are created from my geometry.

I want to increase the lenght of the volume in extruding the inlet and outlet boundaries. I use Modification → extrusion by normal + generate groups button activated. The extrusion is done with new inlet and outlet groups (named _top) extruded.

My question is how to update the initial groups, walls and symmetry groups because the extrusion increase the lenght of the walls and symmetry faces. But in the group of faces I don’t know how to update this, or maybe there is an automatic way to do this during extrusion?

Thank you for your help.

Bets regards