Creating a custom feature in shaper module

Hi friends!
I tried to create a custom feature like the “rectangle” feature in the Shaper module. For this I copied the rectagle folder renamed it and modified the scripts to have a new ID. I added the new feature to the addons_Features script but unfortunately the new feature is not showing up in shaper module. What I am missing?
Thanks for any help!

Hello Wolfgang,
The GUI of SHAPER is can be configured through XML files.

Hello fred,
thanks for your answer. Ialready found this documentation file, but it does not provide enough information imho.
Further investigation is needed.

Did you declare your plugin in SHAPER\share\salome\resources\shaper\addons_Features.xml?
Note that the Rectangle is a plugin for the Sketcher so I think you need also to declare it in SHAPER\share\salome\resources\shaper\plugin-Sketch.xml

Yesterday evening I found these two locations and modified these files.

I’m not completely clear wether I have to distinguish between a “plugin” and a “custom feature”.

Whats the difference or how they are related to each other?