Create of internal faces in mesh

I woud like to know what is the workflow for the creation of a geometry with an internal face that will be used for the creation of a mesh,
If I understand correctly, I should create a compound that contains internal faces, create the desired surfaces groups, and then mesh it, my issue is that as the internal face there are two of them while from my understanding it should be only one (the faces are duplicated)
for example, create default cube of 200x200x200 and then translate it (while coping it) by 200 in x, and create a compound of it, this will generate a 400x200x200 with an internal face, but the compund, has 2 faces in the interface of the two cubes eventhought I used the remove extra edges tool,
if someone could enlight me on how to do this operation, I would appreciate it.
or for example a cube with a smaller cylinder completly inside of it to create an internal face for the creation of an interface for a roting internal volume (cylinder)
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you must use Partition instead of Compound. That will create an internal face shared by both solids. The result will be a “CompSolid”. Or call GlueFaces to merge the faces in your Compound.

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