Create dual mesh bug, invalid mesh dim relative to max given

I found a bug trying to dualize part of my mesh.
my workflow was the following:
create an hybrid mesh, with hexa, tetra and pyramids for the transition between the previous two types.
extract the tetra elements (mesh/create group/element type: volumes/group type: group on filter/set filter/add/criterion: Geometry type/ threshold value: tretrahedron/apply and close x2.
this creates a group that will only be composed by tetras, select this group/modification/transformation/translation/select whole mesh,sub-mesh or group: select created group, create a new mesh, apply and close.
this will ‘extract’ only the tetra elements and generate a new mesh (as create dual mesh only accept mesh or sub-mesh but not volumetric groups).
then mesh/create dual mesh/select the new created mesh from the translation/apply and close.
the expected behavior should do that the dualizer will create polyhedral mesh over the mesh that is 100% tetra, but an error is produced:
here is the hdf5 file
Study1.hdf (2,4 MB)