Create a CFD mesh for Ansys Fluent


what is the recommended workflow, or is there one, for creating a CFD mesh for use with Ansys Fluent.

I have tried to create a 2D mesh, export it in UNV format, which was not successful.

With a 3D mesh, I had to somehow import the UNV into OpenFOAM and then export an *.msh file.

Does anybody have suggestions for using Salome as mesh-creation tool for Ansys Fluent?

I used a demo version of ANSYS a year ago.
From memory: ANSYS create their own meshes and also set boundaries.

A good workflow was:
3D design with SALOME. Separate body for fluid and one for walls.
Fusion of fluid body and wall body.
From fusion create groups of the 3D objects.

Export all together as *.step file.
ANSYS can import *.step.
Further work according to ANSYS manual.

Small things may have slipped my mind. Please try it yourself. I have shown the red thread.


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