Conjugate heat transfer

Hi, does anyone have a paper or tutorial to share on conjugate heat transfer with salome?

there is no simulation tools directly integrated to salome, salome is a pre- and post processing tool. for the simulation part, you need or integrate an external solver, or you can have a look in the respective branches of salome adapted for simulations such as salome_meca or salome_CFD, have a look and post in their respective forums where it is more appropriate your question and you will probably get an answer.
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franco.ota has already written it. Here a little more detailed:
the problem cannot be solved with Salome alone. With Salome you create a 2D or 3D drawing of your task, set the boundaries under Salome. With mash under Salome you mesh your construction and export the mesh.
With FEM software you solve the thermal problem. You may need a software for the evaluation.

Thank you both. I am looking into the code saturne integration and some other packages that use salome as pre and post processor. I have some questions on building but i will post a new question.

the codes have their own forum, post them there, you will have a faster and more precise answer.