Circular copy no transform to face


software: Win 10
salome 9.9.0
modul shaper

I have copied a triangle rotationally symmetrical 20 times and connected all open points.
The sketch was closed. A conversion to a wire does not succeed. Thus also a face from wire is not possible.

How can I change this?

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Study.hdf (60,2 KB)

In your study case, one can see that face generation works if one uses a closed Polyline instead as shown in the figure below.
Remains the question why closed wire is not working here, this question will be addressed to experts to see if this is a limitation or a bug.

Find enclosed the updated study and its associated python script starting from your study. (16.9 KB)
SF_344.hdf (169.7 KB)


in Sketch_1, there is a gap between two edges. Adding a coincident constraint between these 2 points allows the sketch to be closed and to build a face from the two wires (or directly from the sketch).

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Thank you both. I had missed that detail.

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