Change node ID by GUI or Python command

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Do you know what is the way to change ID of the node?

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pretty sure that it is not possible to change the ID of an object… which is reasonable as it would impact higher level geometries 1D/2D/3D mesh elements

Hello franco.ota,

thank you for your reply. I would like to create a kind of mesh reader from ASCII file and I need to create a node with specified ID/ or change default one. Is it possible?
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Hello again Dear Community,

I noticed a feature feasible to renumber nodes/elements. It is Build Compound Mesh - it is able to avoid duplicates to node Ids so it is possible to renumber nodes. I hope that developers are going to add a renumber feature in the next versions.

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Hello filjan,

If I understood correctly, indeed it might be usefull to add nodes to the mesh with a unique identifier or tag not necessarily related to his Id in relation to the mesh as a whole. I you need to recover the node Id of a node that you included and was renumbered in the meshing process you can use the function FindNodeClosestTo(x,y,z) available in smeshBuilder.

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Hello Cconopoima,

thank you for your hint. Unfortunately it is not what I am looking for. I need to set a specified id to the node. I read an ASCII mesh from an external file by the Python API, after that I need to export the mesh with the same ID of nodes and elems. I am bit disappointed that salome TUI does not offer such a possibility! Especially because renumbering of the all mesh is available for export from built-in gui.
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