Can't export mesh (SALOME-9.8.0 Linux Universal)

Hi everyone, I’m having the following error when trying to export the mesh I just created as STL:

ls: /home/jahir/Escritorio/CFD/SALOME-9.8.0/BINARIES-CO7/system_dep/ no version information available (required by ls)
mv: /home/jahir/Escritorio/CFD/SALOME-9.8.0/BINARIES-CO7/system_dep/ no version information available (required by mv)

What does “no version information available” mean exactly and how can I fix it?

You can remove and try again. If the issue is not resolved, then simply share your study case such that we can check if this can be reproduced on our side.
On which Linux flavor are you running ?
Concerning the "no version information available" warning message,you can check this discussion