Cannot acces salome web site - is down?

for several days I get an error (504 Gateway Time-out) when trying to load to Salome web site.
Is this “normal”?


Yes, I can confirm I have not been able to access Salome website for at least a week. Funny enough documentation website works fine, it is a problem with the main project website.


the website is being transferred to a new server. Docs and discourse are still available in the meantime.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Christophe, thanks for your quick reply. Is there any estimated time when the process should be completed. If so, could you share with us, please. Thanks again!

we cannot download salome!
Could you, please, provide an alternative link for at least the last release (precompiled binaries, Windows / Ubuntu)?

Best regards, J.

I am NOT associated with the developers of salome, I am simple user of it, that being said, I had the installers of 9.11 in my download folder as I was re installing my pcs:
windows exe installer
linux universal
hope it helps
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