Calculation of pressure force on wing profile

Good morning,

I am trying to calculate the pressure force F=pressure*length (because in 2D) on a wing profile.
I used the example of the MEDCOUPLING agitator, but I can’t adapt it correctly.
It seems to me that I have to :
-retrieve the mesh from the corresponding .med
-retrieve the corresponding pressure field
-make it an array

The problem is that :
-I can’t get the edge of the airfoil to measure it
-I can’t determine and select the pressures applying to this edge
I can’t determine and select the pressures that apply to this edge. In your opinion, should I first extract the cells corresponding to the edge and then extract the corresponding pressure, or do you see other possibilities?



you can use the filter Extract cell type to get only the edges of your mesh. If you created a specific group for the edge of the airfoil, you can also use the filter Extract group.


Thanks for the answer !

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