Calciumf.c SIZEOF_INT must be defined

I am trying to compile the kernel but the above error occurs.
In the includes a comment suggests that sizeof_long is defined in omniconfig.h however I cannot see where sizeof_long should be.

Some help with this would be much appreciated.

Hello, this is due to OmniORB version 4.3.0. They redefined the names of these types.

The patch is simple

In the file KERNEL/src/DSC/DSC_User/Datastream/Calcium/calciumf.c everywhere you see directives that check for SIZEOF_* replace it with OMNI_SIZEOF_*

Best regards,
Gregor Simic

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Also which SALOME version are you trying to build and how?

Thats fantastic thanks for the help. Im trying to build salome from the git repos so its on master and lists it as salome 12. I dont know if im torturing myself for nothing but there are several external packages that bind to salome and i was hoping to build it from source to make that easier.