Build gui use sat tool

cmake error when i build gui.
cmake.txt (2.9 KB)
can’t find SalomeBootstrap

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SALOMEBOOTSTRAP does not seem to be mirrored to SALOME platform Git repositories (

Here you can retrieve all sources from a Linux Distribution (SOURCES are in ARCHIVES) and extract them to SOURCES.

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Thanks for this. I had this issue also. Perhaps you can point us to a build guide from source that includes tips like this? Perhaps it would also be best to have a regular github where one may clone the entire project.
It now suggests that SalomeOnDemandTK has no attribute version how does one overcome this?

Sorry to hijack your thread but did you resolve the salomeondemandtk version issue?

Let’s attach this package to this thread given that it is not mirrored to gitpub.
You need to extract it to SOURCES folder.

SALOMEBOOTSTRAP-9.12.0.tar.gz (269.5 KB)

SALOMEBOOTSTRAP-9.12.0.tar.gz.md5.txt (64 Bytes)

Hi thank you for this. Im doing a manual build with cmake in order to understand whats going on a little better and I am still getting a salome bootstrap not found despite manually setting, the SALOMEBOOTSTRAP_ROOT_DIR to the directory where the tar file has been unpacked. i also added SALOME_BOOTSTRAP and RUN_SALOME to the python path but still no luck.
My bad you still need to install it then it works even though there is no building to be done. Now I havent installed pyqt5 but have pyside2. Is it possible to use this instead?

Can you share solome9.10_windows link?