Bugs in creating Dual mesh

there is a big bug in mesh module regarding the dualization of the mesh using create dual mesh, when a mesh has been translated:
steps to repeat this bug:

  1. create a cylinder in geom
  2. mesh it with netgen 1-2-3D
  3. compute
  4. move the mesh using translation, the complete mesh
  5. calculate the dual mesh using create dual mesh
  6. re compute
    the resulting mesh is the following:

in white transparent the GEOM model (so original location) and bleu the resulting ‘Mesh’ after dualization. it looks like it ‘keeps’ the original boundary elements of the shape and therefore it breakes it when doing ‘project boundary elements on shape’.
furthemore there is a second bug with this tool, without the option ‘project boundary elements on shape’ on, the create dual mesh does not work at all and throws an error:
These issues where observed using windows 10, salome 9.10
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thanks for reporting about this issue. escalating.

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