Bug SMESH hexahedron + layer generation issue with internal faces of blocks

I am facing an error using the SMESH with the hexahedron algorithm, and layer addition as it can be seen in the screenshots, the layer generation it is collapsing when it meets the block 1 (solid 1) as it is been generated grom the external surfaces of block0 and block2 (as for that corner the block1 faces are internal)
this limits the use of the added hypotesis to the mesher, and would be nice if it could be fixed.
here is the dump script to reproduce the issue.
a.py (17,2 KB)
in screenshot 1 we can see the layer collapsed,

in screenshot 2 I show also the block1 that is causing the problem (darkish light bleu colored block)

the error given by SMESH: is
- "Hexa_3D_3" on SOLID #2 - Warning. Bad quality volumes created

can you upload: /Users/Microreactors/Downloads/test1.step thanks

for sure, here is the file.
test1.step (26,7 KB)

best regards

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Hello Nabil,
Could you confirm me that this behavior is a bug and that there is no work around right now?

Hi Franco,
we need to raise this issue with experts and get back to you.

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