Bug: Shaper XAO Export/Import

Dear Developers,
I have a big Problem with my Geometry. After Exporting it to XAO i can not import it anymore. It fails with the following Error :

I/O error : Memory allocation failed : growing input buffer
“filename”:20001187: parser error : Specification mandate value for attribute referen
<vertex index=“32” name=“” referen
and 12 more parse errors …
To the Geometry : unfortunately I can not share it, but it’s huge … 250 000 faces and a total of 1.6 Million entenities according to shaper. Further the Export takes about 200 hours whats also very long…

Ps: And no my Ram is not the Problem here as the Machine has 500 Gigs available.

can you check that the XAO file has been correctly written?

tail your_file.xao

should end with


As the XAO writes one line per entity, even if it is not named, your file might be huge.
If you don’t need groups, you can try to export to BREP or STEP instead.
In the upcoming SALOME 9.10, export STEP will store names of sub-shapes, colors and the sub-results hierarchy.

  <element index="131183"/>
  <element index="131184"/>
<group name="cat_interface_mem" dimension="face" count="1">
  <element index="259809"/> </group></groups> <fields count="0"/> </XAO>

… formating is bad sry
And yes i need Groups, thats the reason for the XAO Export.

I reproduce the problem on a simple compound with 6000000 faces. It seems to break the size limit of libxml2. It uses unsigned int internally, so it cannot deal with files with more than 2**32 characters.

You can try to tick Export shape in a separate file in Export XAO dialog box. It will put the brep in a separate file and thus reduce the size of the xao file, hopefully not reaching the limit.


Thank you Christophe for the help and insight,
alright i will try to use the brep/xao mix .
I already suspected that it could be an integer Problem. Can this be fixed in a future release (long int?)?
(…or is it deprecated with the new step export anyway…)

Edit: This Option only seems to be valid for the Geo module or do i miss some advanced export settings in shaper ?

Sorry, this option is missing in SHAPER XAO export.