Bug SHAPER setAngle() error when python dump re-opened after changing angle

Context: I have an angle that has been constrained to a specific value (i.e. 80 degrees, Image #1) between two lines in Salome Shaper Module and then exported the file via python dump.

Image #1 of the geometry created in Salome Shaper (above) and the line of code for the angle (below).
Sketch_1.setAngle(SketchLine_8.result(), SketchLine_1.result(), 80, type = “Supplementary”)


Image #2 (above), the error when opening the file when angle has been changed to 60 degrees in the python script. The Salome application will stay open with the correct angle for the geometry (60 degrees) if I close out of the error box, but the measurement for the angle will be on the supplementary side and say 120 degrees. If I then go re-dump the file, the setAngle line is identical other than the angle value.
Before: Sketch_1.setAngle(SketchLine_8.result(), SketchLine_1.result(), 60, type = “Supplementary”)
After: Sketch_1.setAngle(SketchLine_8.result(), SketchLine_1.result(), 120, type = “Supplementary”)

Image #2 (above), code snippit below text.
Looking at the documentation for setAngle, I thought type = “Supplementary” was causing the error so I changed it to Direct to take the smallest angle between the two lines. The result of which causes my entire file to mirror itself so the angle is now on the right side instead of the left.
Sketch_1.setAngle(SketchLine_8.result(), SketchLine_1.result(), 80, type = “Direct”)

And if I go change the angle using type=“Direct”, the application will open and then immediately crash with no error pop-up windows.
Sketch_1.setAngle(SketchLine_8.result(), SketchLine_1.result(), 60, type = “Direct”)

we did not manage to reproduce on our side. Can you either upload the study or the original python script such that this can be escalated ? regards

Sure, I have it set up to read the dimensions from a JSON file, but have removed the relative variables and replaced them with physical values. The JSON file acts as a design table, since Salome does not have that functionality (yet, I hope).

BladeStringer_003_1_5.py (24.6 KB)

Another Issue I’m having has to deal with the constraints between sketches. When I have two sketches, sketch 2 being built off points from sketch 1, this error is more critical. If I make the vertical blade thicker than when I originally modeled it, the Sketch 2 will distort unpredictably and become invalid.

Caption: Valid sketch with blade thickness 0.5in. (Line 131 in python dump)

Caption: invalid sketch with blade thickness changed to 1in. (Same line as above).

If you do this same process with the angle (originally 80 degrees), line 127, you will experience the bug I was having in the previous message, with the new error that sketch 2 will be completely invalid.

Any updates on this?