[BUG] Mesh 'import 1D-2D elements from another mesh'

I found an bug regarding the ‘import 1D-2D elements from another mesh’ 2D algorithm which allows to ‘transfer’ the elements from one mesh to another. it works perfectly for several type of faces but for the face of a cylinder (the one with the seam) it fails completly.
here is an study shown this issue.
Mesh_1. is a surface mesh of cylinder 1 with netgen in the two cup faces, and quadrangle:mapping the cylindrical one and a general wire discretization. then it is computed.
Mesh_2 is a surface mesh with a netgen 2D-1D dummy algo, and 3 submeshes for each of them using ‘import 1D-2D elements from another mesh’ and selecting the corresponding face group in Mesh_1. the two corresponding to the cups, are correctly ‘copied’ to Mesh_2, but when we compute (submesh 5) the one for the last face (the one of the cylinder) it completly fails. this is not the intended behavior at all and it happened to me for more complex geometries than this.
hope that gets a review in the future.
here is the study with the simple example I mentioned.
StudyBug.hdf (350,5 KB)
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