[bug] Issue while exporting polyhedral mesh

I am facing issues regarding the exportation of a mesh from salome that contains polyhedral cells…
I have tried unv and med (4.1 and 3.2 versions) In salome I didn’t got any errors/prompts/warnings or anything,
in contrast, when trying to import the mesh in other softwares I am getting a wrong mesh.
unv if I import it with OpenFOAM ideasUnvToFoam Mesh_1.unv I got the error that the mesh does not contain cells only 2D meshes
med 4.1 I open in gmsh there are ‘some’ faces but not everything that is shown
med 3.2 I open in gmsh there is nothing shown
OpenFoam was version 2306 and gmsh 4.11.1
the mesh is constructed:
geometry: from a bunch of solids in a compound with extra vertexes (added to them by using partition over the compound with a compound of vertexes)
mesh: 3D algo polyhedron per solid 2D none 1D wire discretisation number of elements 1
when computing the mesh I didn’t got any errors and it the info it looks like it has the cells so I suspect it comes from the mesh writer
here is the hdf file.
testforPoly.hdf (448,6 KB)