Bug in SALOME 9.7 and 9.8 to create a group in MESH


Since SALOME 9.7, there is a bug to create manually a group of face in a mesh is the MESH module.
To reproduce the problem, just create a cube, mesh it with GMSH. Then do a right clic to create a group on the mesh:

  • Element type: Face
  • Group type: Standalone group
  • Content: Enable manual edition
    Now it is no more possible to select face in the Viewer.

I checked with SALOME 9.6 and It worked well.

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edit salome launcher and change:
context.setVariable(r"SALOME_ACTOR_DELEGATE_TO_VTK", r"1", overwrite=True)
context.setVariable(r"SALOME_ACTOR_DELEGATE_TO_VTK", r"0", overwrite=True)

you need of course to restart SALOME.

The related problem is corrected in master, the setting of SALOME_ACTOR_DELEGATE_TO_VTK
will not be necessary for salome 9.9+

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