Bug in boolean operation in geometry module

following my post from an issue I have been having with last releases of salome, (Issue with boolean intersections in vr 9.9)
i thought about trying the boolean operation in the shaper module, and compare results to see if any differences exist.
if the two solids in the original post are exported in .step format separatly, and then a new document is open in salome 9.9 and the files imported, we get different results:
in geometry, it will not give any error, nevertheless the fuse object will be only one of the two tool objects while the second one will simply disapear.
in shaper, it will give the correct result generating the correct body.
this behavior of the geometry module, comes since vr 9.8 before that it was working correctly.
I understand that it is not a priority to debugg the geometry module as it is more or less deprecated for the shaper one, nevertheless it still has its utilities…

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