Addition of hex dominant mesher loopycuts

Today Salome is one of the greatest tools for meshing in the open source community, integrating some powerful meshes algorithms, unstructured ones such as netgen and gmsh, and structured like hexahedron. Nevertheless the hexa meshing in Salome can be limited, I would love to call the attention of the development team about loopycuts. This automatic mesher generates an automatic block decomposition of the geometry to generate a strong hexahedal mesh (from their tests they achieve at leadt 98% of elements to be hexahedrons) it also respects the featured edges of the model which can be difficult to achieve.
The mesher, loopycuts, comes from a publication
Doi: Scientific article
The mesher is also in github
GitHub loopycuts
And lastly there is a video in YouTube resuming the mesher and its capabilities
Video presenting loopycuts automatic hexa mesher
Hope this work attracts the attention of the Salome team.
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