Adding Boundary Layer options

Dear all,
Is there anywhere in your roadmap an update of boundary layer inflation on 3D objects?

I know there are already a lot of very advanced features, such as “collision avoidance” / layers squeezing. I wonder whether you plan to add something like layer local collapsing, and or layer exclusion.
Layer collapsing collapses the layer where no suitable solution is found, it simply avoids adding the nth layer in the given area (if the surface mesh is triangle based local collapsing is done by adding few pyramids to bridge between the exposed penta quad and the tria mesh underneath).
Layer exclusion does not squeeze the layers, and directly excludes the areas that can not be managed (as before pyramids may be needed to let the rest of volume mesh grow).
Vector treatment allows deflecting of the layer’s normals (to a given max deflection angle) to sort of smooth layers.
Layers separation over an (angular) threshold (e.g. if meshing an airfoil with a sharp trailing edge, separate the boundary layer at the trailing edge, between top and bottom, similarly to what a C mesh would do).

Regardless to the answer, let me thank you for this great piece of software you have been developing, really remarkable!

I thought a sketch might improve understanding of my feature request.