Add "Sweep" features to the Shaper

Please extend the 3D modelling capabilities of the Salome Shaper with “Sweep” features:

The “Sweep” features should include:

  • Sweeps of multiple profiles (start-intermediate-end-profiles) along multiple guide curves that define the interpolated profile dimensions
  • Simple definition and linking of the profiles and giude curves which are at least at the start of the operation in different planes (suitable linking constraints e.g. to be able to link profile to guide curves)
  • The possibility to create closed shapes (some CAD sweep implementations suffer from the problem, that the end of a shape has still (the small) cross section shape i.e. a hole that needs to be closed hence sweep to point e.g. where two guide curves are joint needs to be there.

What`s currently lacking is the possibility of control the intermediate (cross section / profile) dimensions of the final shape along the shape using guide curves. Dimension control of free form shapes is very relevant for areodynamic and fluid dynamic bodies. Think of wings, wing bodies, boat hulls, drones, windpower systems, trains etc…

In case of a wing, two guide curves would define the planform (Top view) while multiple profiles would define the wing profiles along the span (cross sections) and implicitly the degree of freedom of intermediate interpolation between the profiles if different along the wing span to ensure the aerodynamic performance.

An example of a part designed with such a feature i.e. leveraging multiple guide curves:

The design process is shown here: