Acoustic emitted power

Hi everyone!
I’m new to Code Aster and i’m trying to do acoustic analysis using Salome.
In particular i am trying to asses the emitted sound power from a vibrating plate to a body of fluid above it, in some way coupling the displacement of the fluid with the fluid pressure.
I have read about someone that in python used the 3D_FLUIDE acoustic module to solve both displacement field of the structure and the pressure field in the fluid:

I would be interested to do a similar thing in Salome, but so far getting pretty much anything done on salome has been a fight. In my mind it would be like a Helmholtz equation problem in which one of the boundaries of the fluid is vibrating according to the plate surface but i am way too noob to know if that works.

Is there someone that has ever done anything like this on salome? What are the current acoustic capabilities of Salome?

Sorry in advance if this Topic may be formulated wrongly but as i said i am new to this and to FEA world as well to be honest

Hello, this is the forum of the vanilla Salome, not code aster nor saturn nor meca etc. They have their respective forums you will have bette luck there