About hte installation philosphy of Salome

Hello everybody,
i have been using and loving salomne for nearly a decade and continue that happily,

the new installation procedure however causes some irritation for me,
compared to the old out of the box binaries,

i think in principal i understand the concept,

  1. download
  2. unpack
  3. use sat to see what is missing on your system
  4. install a long lost of packages system wide
    5)run salome

step 4 is the one that causes some troubles for me,

in my specific use case i would like to install salome on a cluster that should be available for multiple users,
i could via sudo rights to the downlad and unpack step but the install all packages step is harder,
i cant update the system easily, the apt-get install allpackages doesnt run through (probably due to some non updated repositories

My main questions would be:
1)is there any alternative to the “system wide” package installation? mainly i think of using a python enviroment for example (cause i think most problems are related to python packages)

2)is there still an out of the box binary way to get salome?

i know that somehow these questions are allready stated, but there they deal with single packatges and technicalities,

hope that is understandable,

best regards