1D hypothesis for given number of segments and given segment length on the ends

Hi everyone,

I work with simulation of electric arc plasma torch in Code_Saturne. For my model, I need to have a hexahedral mesh with subdomains (solid electrodes and plasma), that I later couple through my custom algorithms. Before, I used to use ICEM CFD for this purpose, but now I am trying to switch to Salome. Salome seems like a great alternative to the aforementioned proprietary software, even fundamentally better in some ways. However, I am struggling with one thing: I need to fix the number of segments on the edge and to impose the segment length on one or two ends of the edge at the same time. I have trying looking for such hypothesis, but the only option that slightly resembles this is the wire discretization with table density distribution. However, it does not allow me to impose the length of any segment, only to kind of adjust it visually. Please find an example of my mesh in the figure below. In this example, I have the have all the boundary cells with the same thickness while keeping the hexahedral structure. By any chance, does anyone know how I can achieve this? Thanks a lot in advance for any attempt to help.