Non-commercial use

I would like to confirm our use of the software as a non-commercial use. I want to install it in a corporate simulation computer and use it as a tool for generating mesh for further simulating magnetic field distribution using finite element softwares (Elmer FEM). We do not intend to use the software in any of our products or commercialize any solution which uses Salome.
Is this still considered as non-commercial use?

I confirm that your use of SALOME is not considered commercial. You may use SALOME as you wish.
If anyway you ever wish to use it for commercial purposes, this remains possible, the only constraint being to pay for a PyQT license (PyQT cannot be used for commercial purpose unless you pay a PyQT developer licence).

Regarding the commercial use, Nicolas is right. You can do even much more with the existing license than you mentioned.

Regarding PyQT there is a catch. The commercial version comes with its own package (python wheels). The version that comes with SALOME should be substituted then.