Fixed line generates error


I want to trace the curves of an image. In step01.jpg a horizontal line is drawn. After that a point on this line. It should be later on the middle of this line for reflection. So that the line does not crust it is fixed. An error message step02.jpg appears. Why?

Can you help?


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unknown_restriction.hdf (355,0 KB)

Hello Luve,

I reproduce the problem, and the it comes from the “fixed” constrain.
I never used it myself. When needed I prefer to use vertical and horizontal distance, for example to give the coordinates of a points from the origin.

Hello Fred
this is a fallback option but not a solution to the problem.
In the thread “Center behavior” this becomes clearer.
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Yes it is a work around.
But considering your example from the other topic, I understand now that the problem is because of an over constrain between fix and horizontal. Since the line is fixed it is fully constrained and there is no need to precise that it is horizontal.
For example, the same error will appear if you fix one point, and then the line.

Just remove the horizontal constrain (click the H, then Delete key) and the error will disappear.

Note that Horizontal and Vertical constrains are added automatically to help the user, this behavior can be deactivated in the Sketch panel (check box automatic constraints)